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Earth was once in chaos, divided between hundreds of warring nations. Now, united in peace and maintained through a worldwide computer system known as the GRID, the Global Fellowship provides all citizens free access to food, housing, education, and medical care. In return, citizens allow the GRID to use their brains as temporary servers. Those who don’t contribute are the disconnected, shirkers who live destitute and on the edge of starvation in a world where GRIDcoin is beyond their reach.

After his parents’ sudden death, Arthur Mallorey, a severely-disabled teenager living in the largest shirker camp in Central Continent, knows he has to find a way for him and his sister to survive. Battling pain and exhaustion, he looks for salvation in the very heart of the Community he was raised to fear.

"The Global Fellowship introduces an intricate dystopian world full of conflict and hope." —Online Reader

In August 2019, Christiane received an honorable mention in the Alaska Writers Guild’s Quarterly Writing Contest for Fiction on a small segment of the upcoming novel, Infinitus. That excerpt is available for your reading pleasure as a sneak peek in the back of The Global Fellowship novelette.


Christiane writes fiction, nonfiction, poetry and children’s picture books. Some of her work is available to read for FREE through Wattpad. Purchasing her books on this site ensures that more of your money goes to support the author and the development of new works. .

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