A Country on the Brink - July 20, 2016

There’s an entire sea of people waiting to go up like gasoline.

How can you not see?

Death as the spark, Race as justification,

but the gasoline is Desperation.

Knowledge is the fuel for Rage.

What is Reality? What is Truth?

Illusions of prosperity pile high the tinder of our own funeral pyre.

A country of insomniacs with leaders telling us to dream.

Slaves who no longer recognize slavery,

as they struggle to fight the imbalanced sides of the equals sign.

The powerful obscure the definitions of right and wrong,

good and bad, rich and poor.

Cowardice has become intelligence.

Inaction has become safety.

Posturing has become action,

while Exploitation and Injustice just sad truths.

Will you not hear the storm siren’s call?

Will you stand in awe as the forest fire rages through the trees?

Your words and disdain cannot shield you.

Your own ignorance will not save.

I cry out to my fellow victims.

Fear is the enemy that leeches strength from your bones.

Anger is a wound that leaves your soul battered and bruised.

Violence is pressurized helplessness breaking through the tissues.

You are not helpless, for you are never truly alone.

Comfort Offered can be more potent than your pain.

Forgiveness is the only path to peace.

Compassion is more compelling than anger.

Courage is more effective than violence.

Hope lives longer than desolation.

Love is greater than hate, and Passion burns brighter than rage.

Justice is never served when

bodies are buried in the backyards of our protectors.

But neither is it served when victims become attackers.

Let us speak to one another before God,

before our country falls beyond the brink.


(c) 2016 Christiane Allison